Climbing in Bellus

One of the best areas for sports climbing near Valencia is Bellus. It has a large concentration of routes and sectors that offer climbing throughout the year and is also very close to other climbing areas such as Xativa or Alboy. Although there are routes for all levels, sixth and seventh grade climbers will find in this place more options. Bellus climbing area is located in the natural area of Estret de les Aigües and it is divided into three different climbing areas: Barranco Fondo, Cova Petxina and Altet.

Altet is a sport climbing sector with two different orientations, being able to choose between sun or shade in the morning or in the afternoon without changing place. The quality of the limestone is excellent and the routes are generally short, most of them between 15 and 20 meters, reaching 25 meters in the slabs of Estiu sector. The easiest routes are on the left side of Sol sector and the most difficult and interesting routes are in Estiu Desplom sector, incredible wall with some tufas on it.

Barranco fondo is a sector a bit hidden from which you can not see the wall until you are very close to it. A long south face wall with only winter climbing recommendations. It consist of a wall with not very long routes but quite good. There are excellent technical slabs in the sector Escarcha negra and vertical and overhanged routes in the sectors Verano, Bloque and Balcón. The routes are usually short (15 m approx.), but they hide beautiful movements on them.

The sector Cova Petxina is a little gem. Located just 1 minute from the parking lot and near the Albaida river, it is not surprising to see there many climbers, hikers and bikers. The shadow comes at 1pm in winter and at 4pm in summer. There are several high quality routes of about 20 meters high between slabs and explosive overhangs from 4 to 8b difficulty. The routes on the cave have been permanently unbolted for the protection of the cultural heritage.