Frequently Asked Questions

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  4. Rock climbing in Valencia

1. About us

Why hire a guide?

The knowledge of the different climbing areas together with the added safety provided by a professional guide will make the activity a totally different experience.

Why to choose Valencia Climb?

We are stablished as the best guiding agency in the area and we only offer high quality rock climbing services with low ratios to maximize your experience. Our team of qualified rock climbing guides will take care of everything so you can be safe while having a great time.

Where do you offer rock climbing guide services?

We are based in Valencia city and we usually run activities around Valencia region and Costa Blanca, but we also guide by demand anywhere in Spain and in the best climbing destinations of the world.

2. Activities

How much experience do I need to sign up?

It depends. We offer activities for all levels, from initiation ones in which you do not need any previous experience, to more advanced ones in which we do require a minimum skills. You can consult this information on the page of each activity.

Is there an age restriction to take part in the activities?

No, but we recommend children to be over 6 years old to fully enjoy the experience.

Is climbing gear included?

Yes, all group climbing gear (ropes, quickdraws, belay device, carabiners, …) and if needed personal climbing gear (shoes, harness and helmet) is included in the activities.

Is transportation included?

No, by default transportation is not included in the activities. If required, you can travel with the guide for an additional cost.

Are activities insured?

Yes, we have both liability and accident insurance in force and for all participants. Complete information on the conditions and coverage of the contracted policies are available to the users.

3. Bookings

Can I book an activity if I’m alone?

Yes, you can book individually both for a group activity to share it with other people and reduce costs, or for a private activity, with a more personalized coaching and a higher cost.

Can I propose a date for a group activity?

Yes, if the dates shown in the calendar do not fit you or the activity you want to do is not scheduled, you can always propose a date for us to try to form a group.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we offer special prices for large groups. Write us to check the conditions.

What if an activity is canceled because there is no minimum group?

If there are not enough bookings or if due to last-minute cancellations the minimum group to carry out the activity is not reached, it will be rescheduled for another date.

What if an activity is canceled due to bad weather?

If an activity is canceled due to bad weather, it will be rescheduled for another date.

If an activity is cancelled, is it possible to receive a refund?

Normally a canceled activity will be rescheduled for another date. In special and duly justified cases in which it is not possible for you to do the activity on another date, you will receive a full refund.

4. Rock climbing in Valencia

What is the best season to climb in Valencia?

Although rock climbing is possible in Valencia all year round, the best seasons are autumn, winter and spring. There is actually a larger number of walls on the sun around Valencia, perfect for cold days. Rock climbing in summer is still possible, always searching for walls on the shadow and close to rivers where to swim at the end of the day.

Which climbing guidebook do you recommend for the Valencia area?

There are numerous printed guidebooks and much information on the internet. There is no single guidebook that covers all climbing areas in this region. The best thing if you have doubts is to write us a message so that we can help you.

Where can I rent climbing gear in Valencia?

We do not rent any type of climbing gear for personal use but some shops and climbing gyms do. Ask us for more information!

Can you recommend accommodation?

Of course! We know the best accommodation for climbers. Just let us know where would you like to stay, for how many days and how many people and we will try to help you.