Climbing in Puzol

North to the city of Valencia and very close to the town of Puzol, where the Sierra Calderona ends, there is a brownish wall overlooking the sea. This small wall is probably one of the oldest climbing areas in the Valencian region and also one of the smallest. In the past many climbing courses were held on this area due to the proximity of the city and the moderate difficulty of the routes. The so called Peñas de Guaita climbing area has a large number of routes between III and IV grade, which is hard to find in a sport climbing area nowadays. All this added to a short and pleasant approach of 10′ hike makes this area very popular among beginner climbers and first timers. The views of Valencia and the castle of Sagunto are unbeatable and on clear days you can even spot the city of Castellón to the north and the mount Montgó to the south.

The features of the rock make it an ideal place to practice all kinds of climbing techniques as countless cracks run through the wall, making self-protection possible in many cases. There are also some routes of several pitches, reaching up to 50m of height. The rock, although some parts do not have the best quality, is a type of limestone mixed with sandstone that makes it very special and pleasant when it is compact and stable.

Climbing topos of Puzol

Sector Peñas de Guaita

1.- Sostre Carajillo (5), 2.- Sostre Gerani (5), 3.- Bavaresa (3), 4.- Bavaresa desplom (6a), 5.- Garrofa (4), 6.- Castillo (3), 7.- Directa (4), 8.- Directa sostre (6a), 9.- Directíssima (4), 10.- Aranda Müller (3), 11.- Sostre Humphrey (5), 12.- Caballitos (4), 13.- Exámen (3+), 14.- Abigail (6a), 15.- Pinxos (5), 16.- Ocho cereales con miel (5+), 17.- Montserratina (5), 18.- Això no és espeleo (5+), 19.- Extraviarius (6b+), 20.- Sitikaus Katapluf (6a+), 21.- Triolet (6c), 22.- Koyaniskuachy (6c+), 23.- Sense nom (6b), 24.- Blue think (6b), 25.- Sostre Verge (L1 V, L2 A2), 26.- Innovació (6a), 27.- Piteres (L1 3, L2 5+, L3 4), 28.- Gavilanes (L1 5, L2 A2), 29.- Alta Piteres (L1 4, L2 5+), 30.- Sostre Giorgio (L1 A2, L2 5), 31.- Botella Aranda (L1 6a, L2 5+), 32.- Canal de Piteres (L1 5+, L2 5+).