One of the things that most concern our guests is finding a suitable accommodation for climbing holiday in Valencia.

If you are planing to check different climbing areas during your trip, we recommend you to stay in the city since it is perfectly located with climbing areas in all directions (north, south and west), within an average of one hour drive. With the wide range of activities offered by the city, the fun on the rest days is assured! Valencia is perfect to enjoy holidays and to discover the Spanish culture and Mediterranean food.

However, if you already know where you want to spend your climbing holiday and you want to stay as close as possible to the climbing areas, you can write us through the following form informing us about your plans. Tell us your travel dates, how many people you are and what is your climbing destination and we will try to find the best accommodation that suits your needs.

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Recommended for climbers

These are some of the hostels and refuges that we recommend for climbers who are traveling around Valencia:

El Refugio en Montanejos

Alberge El Refugio in MontanejosEl Refugio hostel is strategically located right at the entrance to the Maimona canyon where it meets the Mijares river. A few minutes from the climbing areas and natural hot springs, a place where the treatment and service are impeccable.

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El Altico in Chulilla

El Altico in ChulillaEl Altico is the quiet climbers refuge guarded by Pedro Pons with the most impressive views of the Chulilla Canyon. Climbing everywhere is breathed and Pedro can recommend the best routes in the area.

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La Casa Serena in Chulilla

Casa Serena in ChulillaLa Casa Serena offers bed and breakfast in a stylish town house in the renowned climbing area of Chulilla. Without a doubt a very calm and cozy place that climbers often choose as a place of rest.

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Peña María in Gestalgar

Albergue Peña María in Gestalgar
The rural hostel Peña María in Gestalgar is guarded by local bolters that are responsible for the development and maintenance of the area. A very nice place with good climbing options.

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Refugio Font de L’Arc in Sella

Refugio Font de L'Arc in Sella
The Refugio Font de l’Arc in Sella is a private refuge for climbers who usually opens on holiday and weekends. It is directly located in the parking for the climbing area and the only contact information is a Facebook profile.

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Sandstone Guesthouse in Albarracin

Sandstone Guesthouse in Albarracin
Albarracin’s best accommodation for climbers. Breakfast included, crash pads rental, single / double rooms or house rental.

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Refugio Alto Mijares in Olba

Refugio Alto Mijares in Olba
Involved in the development of the climbing area since a long time and responsibles for the realization of the guidebook, Mirko & Nicky run the Refugio Alto Mijares. Currently, it only offers basic camping and caravan possibilities but they are working on enhancement.

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