Climbing in Gandia

Gandía is the capital of La Safor, a city close to the sea with all kinds of services. It is mostly known for its beaches than for its mountains, although it also has a good offer for climbers. Actually Gandia has one of the best climbing areas in Valencia for its good climate and its location, with two different areas: Marxuquera and Bovedón.

Among fields of oranges, the Penya Roja de Marxuquera is one of the most visited areas by climbers. Listening to languages ​​such as English, German or Polish among others has become normal since Gandia appears in many climbing guides as one of the best winter destinations in the country. Its south orientation makes it perfect for climbing during the coldest months of the year, and it is even necessary to use sunscreen to protect against strong sun radiation. Of course, do not forget to take enough chalk to dry your hands and not slip! Climbing routes in Marxuquera are in a very wide range for all levels. Some routes are really fun with curious rock formations of stalactites or tufas. You will also find technical vertical routes and impressive overhangs with big holes. From Marxuquera you can enjoy beautiful views of the city of Gandia and the sea. The sunsets are especially beautiful, the wall takes on an orange color while the sun sets among the mountains of the sierra.

The most impressive thing of Bovedon is a huge cave where most of the routes are very overhanged and demanding. The routes that cross the cave have very physical moves and forearm endurance is a key factor. Some routes are even considered the most difficult in the province of Valencia. There are some easier routes on the sides of the cave, but in general the difficulty level is quite high. Here the climbing is possible almost all year, except for the hottest months of summer, where the mix of high temperatures and humidity make bad grip conditions. Recently, two new sectors have been bolted, called Bovedin and Bovedos, which can be accessed by following the Bovedon approach path. The first is a wall with about fifty vertical routes between the sixth and seventh grades and the second is a overhanged cave where there are very physical routes between the seventh and eighth grades. These sectors have privileged views of the valley and the orange groves, which will make us enjoy climbing even more.

In Tavernes de la Valldigna, very close to Gandía there is a via ferrata (Les Marujes). The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), located close to the beach of Gandia, has a small indoor climbing wall for the practice of boulder. Apart from climbing you can do all kinds of outdoor activities. The highest mountain is the Monduver and you can make an excursion to the summit from where you can enjoy wonderful views. You can also hike in the nature or ride the bicycle. The sea offers all kinds of water activities such as sailing, kayaking or diving. On the beach there is even a surf school!