Climbing in Bellus

Located 50 minutes from the capital, Bellus is one of the best areas near Valencia for sport climbing. We could split the area into three different sectors: Barranco Fondo, Cova Petxina and Altet.

El Altet is one of the best climbing areas in the province. The quality of the limestone is excellent and the routes are of high quality. The routes are generally short, most are about 15-20 meters, reaching 25 meters the slabs on Estiu sector. For easy ways Sol sector on the left side and rough routes on Estiu Desplom sector are the most recommended. The Estiu Desplom sector is amazing, and his routes with long tufas will make us enjoy and have a great time. To get there we have two different ways. The first is from the parking of Aventador in Alboy. From there we will follow a path that crosses a bridge and left a large house was an old mill on the right. About 50 meters later we found a road that goes to the right way up and in 5 minutes we are there. The other way is to go from Bellus. We must follow the path to Cova Petxina, parallel to the Albaida river for about 10 minutes. Then we will see a nice wall high on the left and an a path that reaches it. We take this path and within 5 minutes we will be there.

It´s a nice hidden spot. You can´t see the wall till you are very near. It´s a very warm place and you can´t climb in summer or warm days.
It´s perfect for the winter (maybe you can climb without t-shirt in a sunny day). There are great technicals climbings in sector Escarcha negra and nice overhanging routes in Verano, Bloque ans Balcón sectors. The routes are normally shorts (15 m) but sometimes short can be nice!

La Cova Petxina is the jewel in the crown. Situated just 1 minute from the parking is not surprising that there are a lot of climbers and hikers. It is located near the Albaida River so we can also go swimming. Luckily, most of the day is in the shade so it won’t be too warm. We have 36 routesof high quality, about 20 meters high. Slabs and explosive overhangs. And from 4 to 8b difficulty. Highly recommended are the classical Anitesia 6c, Space Odyssey 6b, Mangurrián 7a and Anaconda 7b+.

Barranco Fondo

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Cova Petxina

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