Photo: Volodymir Koziy

The holidays in Rodellar are finished. We enjoyed climbing on big overhangs and tufas. Even though right now some of ValenciaClimb members have problems with finger strength that was lost somewhere in between long endurance climbs in Rodellar. The weather was really nice. For some maybe to hot! And for sure for those who wanted to try hard routes. Jest the first week allowed to try something harder later it got as hot as usual and climbing was possible after five o’clock. Before the climbing time we were spending time reading, drinking coffee, swimming in a still quiet cold river and playing chess. People where coming and going. In general Rodellar was not busy. Maybe people were to come later in July and August when it gets as hot that the climbing is barely possible. Most of us who wanted not only enjoy the heat got to conclusion that during summer it is much better to work or just spend time on a beach. Or go to Alps as we are planning to do soon. There are so many nice places to be seen in France, Switzerland and Austria. You must be aware of rain but still it is worth.

photo VolodymirPhoto: Volodymir Koziy

But still there is something magic in Rodellar and we like coming back there. Spending time with all this people. Maybe during summer it is not climbing what is the most important. 

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