Klemen Bečan FA onsight Siempre se puede hacer menos, 8c+ in Chulilla

becan_chulilla_1Klemen Bečan in Siempre se Puede Hacer Menos, 8c+. Photo: Anja Bečan

On 30. December 2014 Klemen sends onsight this long line of over 60 meters in the Pared Blanca sector that goes all way up through the wall. Klemen Bečan is now one of a handful of climbers in the world to onsight 8c+ ( 5.14c ) and possibly second behind Patxi Usobiaga to onsight FA the same grade. The route bolted by Pedro Pons and Nuria Martí has a first top just over 30 meters which is 8a, another top at 40 meters is 8b and at 65 meters is 8c+.

In mid-February is the german climber Daniel Jung who on a visit to the Valencian climbing area makes the first repetition of the route after three tries.

Dedicated: Klemen Bečan from Ulric Rousseau on Vimeo.

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