Emily Harrington climbing in Chulilla

The world is in an unprecedented situation, in the midst of a global pandemic and many of the climbers are homebound, following the recommendations of the health authorities to avoid spreading the virus or saturating the health system with possible rescues or accidents.

With so many free hours in the house, many of us are going completely crazy! To make the best out of it, we are training at home and carrying out projects that were on our forever to-do list. In our case, forever goes up as far as 6 years!

It was beginning of 2014 when we found out that pro climber Emily Harrington was visiting the walls of Chulilla, so we could not miss the opportunity. We wrote her an email to tell her about our intention to do a little interview to include it in a documentary about the most trendy climbing area. Despite the fact that her holidays were ending, she did not hesitate to accept our proposal and she was very kind to climb for us on the last day of her trip the route that she had recently sent. The documentary never saw the light, but we have rescued the shots we did that day. Better later than never, isn’t it?

We thank Emily for her infinite patience and hope you all like the video. #stayathome

Pro climber Emily Harrington climbing in Chulilla during her first visit to this Spanish crag back in January 2014. During Christmas holiday Emily and Adrian were climbing and exploring the area for a month. The last day of her trip she was so kind to climb Montaña Mágica (8a+/b) for this footage at Balconcito sector on Oasis wall.

Produced by:
Valencia Climb (valenciaclimb.com)

Original Score:
Yppah (yppah.bandcamp.com)

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