Chulilla is fashion!

Photo: Pablo BeneditoPhoto: Pablo Benedito

You just have to walk around the village, the parking or the rocks to realize that Chulilla is fashion. More and more climbers are always coming to this village 60 Km from Valencia. The good conditions, the proximity to the city and the countless routes middle-hard grade make Chulilla one of the best crags for the winter climbing season.

IMG_2455Photo: Pablo Benedito

This place is getting more fanatic. Bars at night are full of climbers wanting to celebrate the achievements made on the rock drinking a beer and eating tapas. And not just the Valencian dare to challenge the long routes Chulilla, but people from all over Spain, and even around the world! A small tour around the parking and you will see license plates from all over Europe (Poland, Germany, England, Italy, France, …) next to hire cars. Those who don’t rent a flat are sleeping in the parking, which is already meeting point for many.

Piotr Bunsch climbing Primer Asalto (8c) in Chulilla, Spain from Valencia Climb on Vimeo.

And this place is magical. Its narrow streets, white houses overlooking the canyon and make you fall in love at first sight. And there are rock wherever you look at. The town itself is tucked into the canyon, with breathtaking views.

IMG_8378Photo: Pablo Benedito

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