Frequently Asked Questions

This is our frequently asked question page (FAQ) where we answer some questions you might have about our services.

Why to choose Valencia Climb?

We are stablished as the best climbing agency in the area and we only offer high quality rock climbing services with low ratios to maximize your experience. Our team of qualified guides and local climbers will ensure you to have a great time during your time in Spain.

Why hire a guide?

Because a guide provides a variety of services and advantages that make a trip a totally different experience. We know perfectly this area and where to go to save time and money. We also have a lot of experience in managing rock climbing holiday.

What is the best season to climb in Valencia?

Although rock climbing is possible in Valencia all year round, the best seasons are autumn, winter and spring. There is actually a larger number of walls on the sun around Valencia, perfect for cold days. Rock climbing in summer is still possible, always searching for walls on the shadow and close to rivers where to swim at the end of the day.

Do you offer services outside Valencia?

Of course! We are based in Valencia city and we usually run activities in around Valencia and Costa Blanca, but we also guide by demand anywhere in Spain and in the best climbing destinations of the world.

Is climbing gear included in the price?

Yes, all personal climbing gear (shoes, harness and helmet) and group climbing gear (ropes, quickdraws, belay device, carabiners, …) is always included in the price.

Do you rent climbing gear?

No, we do not rent any climbing gear for personal use.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes we do! If you are a big group booking 8 or more places on any guided tour or climbing taster you will get a discount on the basic price.

Is transport to the climbing area included in the price?

No, transport to the climbing area is by default not included in the price. For some activities you might be able to add a pick up / drop off service to your booking at an additional price.

Can you help me arrange accommodation?

Of course! We know the best places for climbers to stay close to the walls. Just let us know where would you like to stay, for how many days and how many people.

Where can I find the climbing guidebook of Chulilla?

You may find the guidebook at the shops in the main square of the village or at the climbing shops in Valencia. You can also get all the updated information about the routes on

Do I need an insurance?

No, you do not need a special insurance to climb with us since all our activities include accident and liability insurance. Anyway, we always recommend hiring a travel insurance.