Rock climbing courses

Learn all the basic and advanced climbing techniques you might need from the hand of qualified professional climbing guides with a vast experience in this field.

Learn how to rock climb from scratch! For people who have little or none experience at all and want to start rock climbing and getting introduced to this sport.

Learn how to descend multi-pitch routes, canyons and mountains. with ropes. A course for people who want to develop their autonomy in advanced safety techniques outdoors.

For beginner climbers who have little climbing experience. This course teaches the basics that will allow the participants to practice sport lead climbing and be autonomous.

For experienced climbers who want to learn how to climb multi-pitch routes. This course teaches all necessary techniques to climb a multi-pitch routes in an autonomous and safety way.

Learning to aid climb is the first step to big wall climbing. Most of the worlds big walls are climbed using aid techniques along the route.

Learn the basic techniques of self-protection to be able to climb trad routes. Place gear efficiently and optimize resources.