Trad climbing

The art and commitment of self-protection traditional techniques and the beauty of climbing walls free of fixed equipment. The most classic and alpine way to climb big mountains.


The techniques of trad climbing are those used in the origins of this sport to climb mountains and reach the top. It involves climbing a wall free of fixed gear in which we will place floating gear as we climb to protect the climb. These insurances are removed once the activity is finished, leaving the wall and the mountain, generally, free of equipment. Only climbers who have tried trad climbing know the sensations that it produces and the adventure of climbing a clean vertical route, opening a new world of possibilities. Nowadays it is the modality that only the most experienced climbers dare to try given their risk and commitment.

Trad climbing is the modality in which more gear is needed. You will need all climbing gear required to do multi-pitch, adding specific gear to protect ourselves and progress safely like cams, nuts, hexes, tricams, pitons, … In trad climbing we will use double or twin ropes to reduce the friction of the rope, be able to make longer rappels and have two ropes in case one is damaged.


  • Alzira
  • Calpe
  • Finestrat
    • Espolón Central (400m, V+)
    • Júlia (180m, 6a+)
    • Diedros mágicos (155m, 6a+)
  • Montanejos
  • Polop
    • Los Gomez (325m, 6a+/A2)
  • Sella


Following table shows the basic price per person for a trad climbing day with a qualified guide. Please, check the Guided Tours page to have a better idea of the final price of the activity.

180€ / pers.
120€ / pers.