Sport climbing

Come to a sport climbing area and explore your limit of difficulty. The climbing that is more trendy: climb a muerte by tufas, slopers, holes and crimps in slabs, vertical walls and overhangs!

Sport climbing

Sport climbing is the most popular and safest modality of this sport since it is about climbing with a rope fully bolted routes of a single pitch (15 to 30 meters). It focuses more on progressing at the level of difficulty than on reaching a peak or climbing a mountain. In Valencia and throughout Spain, sport climbing areas are the most common. Around Valencia there are more than 20 different sport climbing areas with more than 3.000 single pitch bolted routes.

To do sport climbing of course you need… a rope! You should add some carabiners, quick draws and a belay device. Personal climbing gear such as climbing shoes, harness and helmet will be also required.

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