Without great technical difficulty but with a great exposure, live the experience of void through the incredible ridges of our mountains. Not recommended for people suffering from vertigo.


To climb mountains we will often find aerial, delicate and more exposed passages where we will not hesitate to use the rope to protect them. Sometimes it will be an isolated passage during the ascent and others a long ridge that will give us access to the summit. The ridges are typical of the high mountains, inhospitable and scary rocky places. A ridge does not have to lodge a great technical difficulty but it often involves a big exposure to the void. The rope will be your ally in these sections that are hard to protect and a climbing guide will give you the security you need to climb these vertiginous mountain routes. Today the ridge climbing is itself a sport and around Valencia we have a large number of possibilities collected in the book 23 Crestas y Aristas de la Comunidad Valenciana (23 Ridges and Edges of the Valencian Community).

A shortened rope is used to protect the most difficult and exposed passages as well as self-protection gear as in trad climbing . The use of mountain footwear with good grip to avoid slips is very important and helpful.


  • Salem – Cresta Este del Benicadell (AD sup, IV+)
  • Calpe – Cresta de Bernia (PD, V)
  • Sella – Cresta de Castellets (MD, 6b/A1)

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