Multi-pitch climbing

The true adventure of climbing a mountain. Accessing the summit by climbing a vertical path through a wall is one of the most incredible experiences you can live!


The multi-pitch climbing is the next step experienced climbers take when they have enough experience in sport climbing. It is a vertical adventure where a new world of possibilities and sensations, being able to go through many equipped walls.

In addition of sport climbing gear, to climb multi-pitch sport routes you will need cordelettes / slings and lock carabiners to build anchors, personal anchor (PSA) and some extra gear to do self-rescue techniques. Depending on the route and its characteristics, we can choose to climb with a single rope or double ropes.


  • Alzira
    • EL burro de Filippo (70m, 6b)
    • Directísima (70m, VI+)
    • Rebuffat (60m, 5)
  • Benitatxell – Sonjannika (170m, 6a+)
  • Calpe
    • Diedro UBSA (250m, V+/6a)
    • Valencianos (220m, V+)
    • Polvos mágicos (220m, 6b)
    • Magical Mystery Tour (120m, 5)
  • Gestalgar
    • No a la guerra (210m, 6b+)
    • Asaltamontes (150m, 6c)
  • Montanejos
    • Pericondrio Tragal (110m, 6a+)
    • GP (120m, 6a)
    • Parados al Sol (120m, V+)
    • Monsieur (250m, 6b+)
  • Sella
    • La Taula (165m, 7a+)
  • Xeresa – Esperando a María (110m, 6a+)


Following table shows the basic price per person for a multi-pitch climbing day with a qualified guide. Please, check the Guided Tours page to have a better idea of the final price of the activity.

180€ / pers.
120€ / pers.