Leave the rope at home! Climb big boulders with the protection of a crash pad. It is a very dynamic and funny activity in which many people can participate.


Boulder climbing is one of the most dynamic activities. You can practice it with a large group of friends or alone since no rope nor belay is required. Even though it is recommended to do it at least with another person to spot you during the climb and help you fall on the crash pads, the most experienced and bravest climbers sometimes do it on their own.

To practice bouldering you do not need much gear which makes it the most accessible climbing discipline. You will only need some mats (crash pads) and a pair of climbing shoes. Although the heights of the boulders are not as impressive as in sport climbing, the falls involve landing on crash pads and can be quite tricky. It is important to learn how to fall and how to spot properly to avoid accidents specially since most boulderers do not wear a helmet.



Following table shows the basic price per person for a boulder climbing day with a qualified guide. Please, check the Guided Tours page to have a better idea of the final price of the activity.

150€ / pers.
90€ / pers.
70€ / pers.
60€ / pers.