Climbing taster

It consist of a guided outdoor climbing day in which you will experience the practice of this sport in a dynamic and safe environment.


You do not know anything about climbing? Then this activity is exactly for you! The climbing taster is an activity aimed at all those people who have never practiced outdoor climbing and who wish to discover this sport in the natural environment. We will introduce you well this sport giving you useful information and a lot of practice! There is no prerequisite to take part in this activity.


The climbing taster usually takes place in Montanejos, a climbing area 90 km away from Valencia (1h 15′ by car) with enough easy routes to spend the day discovering this sport. It is also a place where there are attractive alternatives to the practice of climbing such as bathing in the natural hot springs of the Mijares River and hiking through the Maimona canyon.


We fully adapt to the dates and times that best suit you. Just write to us to check our availability and we will make an appointment. The duration of the activity is approximately 3 hours and can be combined with a walk in the countryside and a picnic or a dip in the river.


Following table shows the basic price per person of a climbing taster of 3 hours with a qualified guide.

75€ / pers.
60€ / kid
50€ / pers.
40€ / kid
45€ / pers.
35€ / kid
40€ / pers.
30€ /kid

Kids: < 18 yo. Schedules are approximate and do not include the journey from Valencia to the climbing area. Schedules include the approach to the climbing area and breaks to rest.

Transport expenses 25€ *

* Please note that if the guide needs to arrange his own transportation from Valencia to the climbing area, a fixed fee of 25€ for transport expenses will be added to the final price.


  • Qualified climbing guide
  • Group climbing gear (rope, belay device, quickdraws, carabiners, …)
  • Personal climbing gear (climbing shoes, harness and helmet)
  • First AID Kit


  • Transport to the climbing area
  • Everything not listed in the included items

(Optional services with additional charge to the final price.)

Pick up / Drop off 10€
Photo shoot 30€